Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2008 Edward Sellers MAYHEM - New Release

The ideal situation would be to bypass all of the drama and MAYHEM in life, but what fun would that be?

Our first offering of MAYHEM blends the lush dark fruit and dark berry flavors of Syrah, the powerful concentration of smokey, meaty Mourvèdre, the intensity of Grenache’s crushed dark cherries, with a hint of black berry and licorice flavors of Zinfandel. This blended with a kiss of French oak produces an opulent red wine with great complexity and length.

Experience the MAYHEM with your next bone-in Rib Eye off the barbeque, or a Tuesday night retro styled, pulled Pork sandwich with friends.

And sometimes… you just need a little MAYHEM by yourself.

MAYHEM Statistics:
Blend: 65% Syrah, 20% Grenache, 10% Mourvèdre, 5% Zinfandel
Appellation: Paso Robles
Alcohol: 15.3%
T.A.: 5.4 g/L
pH: 3.75
R.S.: 0.19%
Cooperage: 100% French Oak
Release Date: August 1, 2012

"Experience the MAYHEM today!"

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